ADSTER Guarantee

Our platform maximizes ad revenue through dynamic ad orchestration, enhanced yield optimization, and seamless ad deliverability.

AMPlify Demand & Fill Rate

We integrate with 15+ demand partners so you don't have to, ensuring high fill rate with highest possible bids.

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AMPlify Ad Rendering

Get instantaneous ad rendering with our unique ad caching strategy, ad network orchestration and ad unit optimization.

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AMPlify yield of your ad impressions

Maximise your ad impression yields with our user level intent capturing, smart yield groups, dynamic pricing floors reinforced with direct ads channels.

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Adster Tech brings decades of experience in the global Ad Tech industry

Adster Tech's portfolio was conceived and built with a 'publishers first' mindset with a mission to help publishers thrive and prosper in a complex and dynamic adtech ecosystem.

Why Us

Adster as your Ads partner

Adster Tech is uniquely positioned to help publishers in boosting their monetization from Ads through the first hand expertise gained by working with a diverse set of publishers and building smart technology solutions to iterate and experiment fast.

Hands on Experience

With over 2 decades of experience in working for top global publishers, the Adster Tech team has helped scale Ads revenue by 3X-5X by translating its expertise into its product portfolio.

Domain Expertise

Expertise in the publisher & Ad network ecosystem, puts us in a unique position to understand the entire gamut of solutions we can offer to help publishers improve their revenues from Ads.


Deep tech expertise in building scalable products that handle large datasets with expertise across mobile technologies (Android, iOS), Product, Open Auction with reference to Adtech & more.


Simple pricing model aligned with your revenue growth objectives.

“Adster`s programmatic advertising products, including AdsBoost and AllSpark, have been invaluable in optimizing our revenue from day one.

Mr.Anurag Gupta

VP Product (Zee5)

“By using AdsEase, we can now run unified ad campaigns across all our portals. Their platform allows us to use data pixels and custom macros to collect enriched performance data.

Mr. Devesh

Ads-Product, HTMedia

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